What Kind of Ninja Are You !

The .Ninja Domain

Demonstrate your Ninja skills with a .Ninja Domain !

.Ninja is the domain of choice for experts of all varieties. whether you’re a marketing.ninja, an html.ninja, cajuncooking.ninja or any kind of ninja, there is a .ninja domain with your name on it!

Register a GREAT Domain at a Reasonable Price

Nowadays, all the good website names seem to be taken. Most short, intuitive and meaningful domains in the .com, .net namespaces are already taken. Many are simply parked pages, loaded with advertising, whose owner may sell at an enormously inflated price. The introduction of the .ninja domain extension will introduce literally millions of new naming options – all specifically tailored to your Ninja audience. Registering a .ninja domain is a win-win for both you, and your potential client base.

History of .NINJA’s

Ninjas were covert operatives in the Feudal Japan that have been popularized by their portrayal in a number of Hollywood movies such as American Ninja and Kill Bill and other movies around the world. One of the major catalysts in the promotion and advertising of Ninjas has been the popular video-game – Ninja Turtles. Ninjas are more popular with the young populations and they can be seen endorsing different ninja costumes at various festivals such as Halloween among others and practicing and learning the art of Ninja at festivals such as the Annual Fall Ninja Festival.

All the websites dealing with information related to ninjas, selling ninja merchandise, promoting ninja games or movies, or providing services related to the art of ninja will deeply benefit from this new TLD. These websites will not only have better recognition and presence on the Internet, they can also enjoy the freedom of choosing creative and catchy web addresses for their websites. For example, an informative website can be named www.info.ninja while a service providing website can be registered as www.learn.ninja.